In Wild Side, Armadillo run over you!

Armadillo is an enemy in Kid Chameleon.


Armadillos are large bipedal mammals with hard pelts, switchblade spikes along their backs, and a burning hatred for Kids who like to wear costumes. Some armadillos are represented as statues scattered throughout levels 
Armadillo Statue
featuring the Hills theme.


An Armadillo will plod around slowly, vulnerable to any kind of attack. Get close to it, however, and it can charge you with a great burst of speed. While charging, it is invulnerable to being hit by jumping on its head, sword attacks, axes or skull bombs. However, if you're Berserker and you're charging too, then you'll both bounce harmlessly off each other and come to a stop in each other's faces... in which case, you should quickly jump on its head before it has any more crazy ideas.


Armadillos at first look very timid. Most start out walking very slowly in either direction. Once you get too close to them though, they charge at you, so don't think you can just bop one on the head. If you land on them in charge mode, you will get damaged from the raised spikes on their backs.


Maniaxe and Juggernaut make quick work of the armadillo, but only attack it when it is plodding around slowly. If you try shooting it while it's charging, you won't hurt it or slow it down.

Simply jump on its head when it is not charging - perhaps lure it into rushing you, jump over it, then nail it once it stops.


Armadillos are encountered in the following levels:

Armadillo-1 Armadillo-2 Armadillo-3
Crab Cove The Shimmering Caves Beneath the Twisted Hills
Elsewhere 11 The Whispering Woods 1
Elsewhere 25
The Whispering Woods 2
Tunnels Beneath the Woods