Diamonds are the currency of the game Kid Chameleon.

Diamonds are collected from Prize blocks. The maximum you can carry is 99. You can release diamonds from P-blocks after this, but picking them up will make them jump off the screen instead of being collected.

The Kid's different forms all have different diamond powers. Most of the forms have a weak diamond power at 20 diamonds, and a stronger one which costs 50 diamonds. The game will play a ding! sound effect whenever you reach one of these amounts. The duration for each diamond power varies. Two forms, EyeClops and Juggernaut, have cheaper diamond powers at 2 and 5 diamonds respectively. These are quick offensive attacks.

Diamond powers are always bought with A+START. You always get the most expensive diamond power you can afford, so it is impossible to buy a 20-diamond power when you have 53 diamonds. Diamond powers have a broad range of effect, such as extra lives, extra hitpoints, offensive attacks, and protective shields.

An extra hit point obtained from Iron Knight's diamond power will remain in effect even after changing helmets. So for example, when you purchase a hit point Iron Knight will have six hit points, then change to Berserker who will have four hit points instead of three. You can purchase a total of four additional hit points in this way. They will remain in effect until you die.

Diamond Powers by Transformation
Character 20 Diamonds 50 Diamonds 2 Diamonds 5 Diamonds
Kid Circle of Doom Death Snake
Iron Knight Circle of Doom Extra Hit Point
Red Stealth Samurai Haze Death Snake
Berzerker Invulnerability Wall of Death
Maniaxe Circle of Doom Extra Life
Juggernaut 5-Way Shot
Micromax Mini-Snake Swift Mini-Snake
Eyeclops Fatal Beam
Skycutter Invulnerability Death Snake
Cyclone Slashing Rain Tracking Rain

Diamond Power Properties
Diamond PowerUsable ByDiamonds RequiredTypical DurationNumber of Items Shown During UsageUseful Against Bosses?
Circle of Doom Kid, Iron Knight, Maniaxe 20 10 Seconds 8 Diamonds No
Death Snake Kid, Red Stealth, Skycutter 50 21.5 Seconds 6 Diamonds No
Extra Hit Point Iron Knight 50 1.5 Seconds 10 Hit Points Yes
Samurai Haze Red Stealth 20 8.5 Seconds 10 Diamonds Yes
Invulnerability Berzerker, Skycutter 20 8.5 Seconds 10 Diamonds Yes
Wall of Death Berzerker 50 22 Seconds 10 Diamonds No
Extra Life Maniaxe 50 1.5 Seconds 10 Ankhs Yes
5-Way Shot Juggernaut 5 2 Seconds 5 Diamonds No
Mini-Snake Micromax 20 9 Seconds 6 Diamonds No
Swift Mini-Snake Micromax 50 21.5 Seconds 6 Diamonds No
Fatal Beam EyeClops 2 ⅓ - ⅔ Seconds 1 Beam No
Slashing Rain Cyclone 20 14 Seconds 35 Diamonds No
Tracking Rain Cyclone 50 32 Seconds 85 Diamonds No

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