Elsewheres are a kind of intermission levels in Kid Chameleon. They are briefer than most regular rounds and they often serve as a transition level between one round and another.

There are 32 Elsewhere levels in the game.


  • All Elsewheres have the same name. (In this wiki, they have been numbered for clarity; in their splash screens, they are all called simply "Elsewhere".)
  • Every Elsewhere map is 4 screens in total size, making them smaller than the average level.
  • They are always entered through a teleporter, off the main path.
  • They are always exited through a teleporter, meaning no score is ever awarded for visiting them.
  • Due to their small size and simplicity, many elsewheres are designed to only present one significant challenge to the player. Notable examples include:
  • Many Elsewheres contain enemies that don't agree with the level themes, such as Elsewhere 18 where the enemies are Orcas. Wait... Orcas? In a swamp theme!?

Elsewhere explorationEdit

Elsewhere levels could be considered as bonus stages, since they often hide some prize that makes the visit worth it. However, this doesn't mean they are not as dangerous rounds as any other level. Most of them have enemies and traps and you can end up wasting a few lives in some of them.

On an Elsewhere you may collect a helmet that could be useful to keep when you return to the main path. (For instance, Elsewhere 1 lets you try Cyclone for the first time in the game; you can keep the helmet on through several rounds.)

Most Elsewheres contain at least one big prize (an ankh or a coin).

Elsewhere cruisingEdit

Since Elsewheres are located off the main path, it is possible to not visit a single elsewhere during a complete playthrough. However, it is usually faster to use a teleporter somewhere in the level, complete the Elsewhere, and reach the next level, than traversing a whole level for the flag. On the downside, you don't collect any bonuses this way.

Elsewheres as forksEdit

Most elsewheres have only one exit. Exceptions are numbers 20, 22, and 24.

Dead endsEdit

A good number of Elsewheres just send you back to the level you came from, which is of course very frustrating for the player. These are numbers 8, 9, 13, 21, 25, 26, 28, 31, and 32.

Trivia Edit

There are no elsewheres in the entire game that use the Hills theme, and only one that uses the Mountain theme, which is Elsewhere 6.

Elsewheres 2 and 11 are the only two levels in the entire game that do not feature any terrain tiles. In addition, they also do not contain any background tiles, either.