We call fake steel a scenery element in Kid Chameleon that looks exactly like steel blocks but behaves like platforms. Most of the time, you can't tell if it's a real steel or a fake steel until it is too late. They are arguably one of the most dangerous hazards in the game.


I know it doesn't sound horrifying, but that steel platform that EyeClops just hopped off was actually moving. Upwards. Effing fast.

Black-pit fake-steels

Check this silly elastic bridge. This was done by the same guy who designed the absurd loops and spins in the Sonic series.

Two common families of fake steel blocks:
  • Rising (or falling) fake steels
  • Moving fake steels
Fake Steel in the Crypt

Rising Fake SteelsEdit

These look like completely normal steel blocks, and you only realize they are not when you step on them: they will automatically slip upwards, carrying you on top, and crushing you to the ceiling or the top of the level.

Rising fake steels occur first in Elsewhere 7.

A variety of the same family drops down instead of shifting up, either dropping you to a lower platform or off the level, with the same discomforting consequences. This last variety happens only in The Black Pit and The Final Marathon.

Moving Fake SteelsEdit

Fake steels can also move in groups and behave exactly like platforms. Since they are always in movement, they're not difficult to spot. They entail the same pros and cons than normal platforms. Moving fake steels appear only in The Black Pit.


Stage 2Edit

Stage 3Edit

Stage 4Edit


If you're upside down with Skycutter, and land beneath a rising or falling fake steal, you will not be able to jump! The only way out is to do his special flip action to get him out of it. But hold on a sec - on any normal wall, Skycutter is not able to just flip over from it, he needs to jump off and then flip. On a rising/falling fake steel, the jumping action appears to be cancelled. This glitch may occur because since these platforms are not considered walls, the game might read Skycutter as still being in midair, and therefore, able to flip and not jump.