Splash Island

Island is one of the themes for the levels in Kid Chameleon. K-E recognizes it as theme 0x4.

Appearance Edit

The Island theme takes place on a beautiful tropical seaside. Large sea caves and cliffs are common coastal features of this island. Many large statues and totem poles have also been left behind by the island's natives.

Helmets Edit

Only two levels in the game, Knight's Isle and Hoverboard Beach, directly reference the type of helmet you'll find in the level. Both of these are Island-themed.

Enemies Edit

Similarly unlike the other themes, 7 of the 13 Island levels are named after what kind of enemies you'll find in it.

Blocks Edit

Quite a few of these levels are laid out with uneven terrain at the bottom of the map, with floating Steel block platforms littering the sky.

List of Island levelsEdit

The following levels carry the Island theme:

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Trivia Edit

  • The Island theme music is identical to the score tally music, just with a couple of added instruments.