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Kid Chameleon is notable for its plethora of levels and teleporters back and forth. This map lists all 103 levels, describing all links via flags and teleporters. See also the list of levels for easy links to all levels. It is not possible to visit all of the levels in a single playthrough, since picking some levels excludes others. You may visit as few as 3 (with the Plethora cheat), or as many as 91, if you make extremely poor path choices.

Throughout this wiki as well as in this map, the game has been split into four stages. All stages end with a boss.

The map is designed so that one can easily see the shortest route by following a vertical line through the levels. Usually, flags are the safest exit to avoid unnecessary detours.

Flag paths are indicated as straight lines; teleporters are dashed lines. Click on a level to go to its article. Click on the bottom right i to see a bigger version.


Prototype Map


The map to the right is a small snippet taken from a Kid Chameleon advertisement found in GamePro magazine from May 1992 (Issue 34). It depicts pretty clearly the interconnecting level paths at the end of Stage 2, although there are some differences which indicate this is actually a prototype map. Note the three desert (cactus) levels on the bottom row. The first and third from the left don't even exist in the finished game, while the second appears to be The Forbidden Tombs as a dead-end level instead of a connection to Stairway to Oblivion.

More Maps

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  • Doug Lanford, a tester of the game, has made his own maps available at his personal site.

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