"I might be smaller than the Kid, but I have more hitpoints."

Micromax is one of the forms that the title character in the game Kid Chameleon can turn into — a humanoid fly who can stick to walls and get into tight spaces.


AKA: The Fly, Fly, Stick, Bug Eyes
Special Abilities:
  • Cling to and jump from vertical walls.
Diamond Powers:
  • Minisnake (20 diamonds — a small snake composed of diamonds seek out and kill enemies)
  • Swift minisnake (50 diamonds — a faster variant of the minisnake)
  • Can get through narrow corridors, and jump into a horizontal crawlspace.
  • Sticks to and can jump up walls. Useful also when accidentally falling down a hole.
  • Slow walking speed and generally tricky to control.
  • No offensive power.
  • If you happen to lose this helmet while in a crawlspace, you will die upon reverting back to the Kid.


Helmet micromax
Micromax is essentially a miniature version of Kid, with white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. The differences are the dark head with large faceted eyes, and the two ever-flapping green wings sticking out of his back, even though he cannot fly. When grabbing a Micromax helmet, someone (the Kid?) will laugh in the background.


Micromax's speciality is to cling to vertical walls, and jump from them, essentially being able to climb upwards. This ability is also a lifesaver when you miss a jump, or fall into a spiked pit with no way out. When touching a wall, you will initially remain still, but slowly begin to slide down. You continue to slide until you jump from the wall, or reattach to it by pressing away and then towards it.

Because he is smaller than the other characters (being 1x1 blocks instead of the usual 2x1) he can get into many cramped places others cannot. He also fits in between the spikes fired by the shooter blocks. When switching from or losing this helmet, you must be careful not to have any blocks above you, or the game will consider you crushed when you grow from your height of one block to two blocks. This can happen especially when getting a new helmet from a P-block, if you jump to catch the helmet in the air.


Micromax walks and runs slower than the other characters, but jumps at the same speed. This means that jumping is the fastest method of traveling for him. The jump being faster than the walking speed is a bit hard to get used to and as a result makes Micromax tricky to handle.


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Micromax is so versatile as a helmet that you can collect one in Stairway to Oblivion, and theoretically carry it all the way to the end of the game.

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