The Mini Hopping Skull (aka Imp) is a stone-like enemy in Kid Chameleon that drops from the ceiling when the player gets near.

Description Edit

Mini Hopping Skulls look similar to Big Hopping Skulls, Emo Rocks, and Drillers, in that they all resemble skulls with clenched teeth and look like they are made out of some stone-like material. They crumble to pieces when they die.

Their bigger brother is the Big Hopping Skull.

Behavior Edit

When the player gets within a certain range from its hiding spot, the Mini Hopping Skull will drop from the ceiling, while letting out a high-pitched laugh. It will then jump around in the general direction of the player.

Mini Hopping Skulls vary greatly in their stats when compared to each other from different levels. There are a wide variety of jumping speeds, heights, and lengths, as well as having 1-3 hit points.

Protocol Edit

Jumping on or using any sort of weapons against these little imps will effectively turn them into a pile of rubble. Be careful with ones that take multiple hits though, part of their death animation will play for about a second after getting hit, before jumping again. This devious trickery has killed many of unwary players.

If you find these guys to be hard to deal with normally, you should avoid Elsewhere 21 at all costs. This level may only feature six of them, but their hyper jumping abilities and three hit points will certainly prove hard to deal with if you fall in any of the canyons.

Unlike most other enemies, trapping them inside Ghost blocks or luring them into bottomless pits will not kill them.


Mini Hopping Skulls are encountered in the following levels:

Mini-Hopping-Skull-1 Mini-Hopping-Skull-3 Mini-Hopping-Skull-2
Elsewhere 24 Blizzard Mountain Elsewhere 28
The Whispering Woods 1 Elsewhere 21 Monster Island
Under Skull Mountain 2 Hills of Forever The Hills Have Eyes
The Final Marathon
Towers of Blood

Trivia Edit

  • The sound played when Mini Hopping Skulls drop from ceiling is the same as the Boss's death sound, but sped up.
  • Sometimes, when there is a large row of Mini Hopping Skulls falling from the ceiling, you will sometimes be able to count more screeching falling calls than the actual number that fall. This is known to happen in multiple areas.
  • Jumping at the top left corner of Under Skull Mountain 2 will spawn a Mini Hopping Skull inside the ceiling. Amazingly, he won't die, and can even be freed if you lure him to jump to the right a bunch of times.