Block mushroom


Mushroom blocks are a kind of block found in Kid Chameleon. They look somewhat like fungus crystals growing upward, but their exact appearance eludes description.


Mushrooms blocks behave much like solid ground, until they are hit from below. Then, one of two things will happen:

  1. If any of the three spaces above is free, the mushroom block will sprout new mushroom blocks in all those positions.
  2. If none of the three spaces above is free, the mushroom block will wither and disappear.

This makes it possible to build stairs or similar to reach higher spots, but this is rather rarely seen in the Kid Chameleon levels.

Mushroom blocks can actually be destroyed, and that is if they're hit by bullets from shooter blocks or icicles from ice blocks . It's interesting because their destroy frame sequence is the same as the rock block destroy sequence, even though the two blocks look nothing alike.


Ice God's Vengeance-mushroom bug

The mushroom block directly above the player has just been hit.

There appears to be a bug when mushroom blocks are placed so they have a terrain wall on the left. The mushroom block will not sprout into the row closest to the wall. This does not happens with a wall on the right.

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