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Rock blocks are the basic form of blocks found in Kid Chameleon. It is a completely neuter, immovable, breakable block with no other function than serving as floor, walls or ceiling.

Prize blocks become rock blocks after knocked open.

Breaking rocksEdit

Rock blocks can be destoyed by any of these means:

  • Knocking them with your head from below. (Or from above, if you're flying upside down on a skateboard).
  • Piercing them with your sword from above, being Red Stealth.
  • Stomping on them (intentionally or accidentally), being Iron Knight.
  • Charging at them, being Berzerker.
  • Shooting at them with a shooter block.
  • Being shot by icicles from a broken ice block.
  • Though this is unlikely to be controlled by a player, a Driller enemy may drive through a row of rock blocks, destroying them.

Disguised prize blocksEdit

Occasionally, a Prize block can appear 'disguised' as a rock block. 'Fake' rocks will go completely unnoticed to the player, until he tries to break them (by any of the means above, except for Berzerker or shooter/ice block), in which case they will turn into normal Prize blocks. After opening them, they'll become a regular rock block again, and a third knock will destroy them as normal.

An example of disguised prize blocks can be seen covering the ceiling of a spike pit in The Cliffs of Illusion. EyeClops' beam does not unmask these fellas.

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