Block rubber


Rubber blocks or rubbers are a kind of block found in Kid Chameleon. They look like the section of a circular tube and act just as springs do in Sonic games.


Rubbers are immovable and indestructible, unlike steel blocks, which look so much more determined to lie on our way, but still can be overcome.

Rubber blocks make the player ricochet in the opposite direction. The higher speed you have hitting them, the higher you bounce away. When bouncing from above, you can press the Jump button to bounce higher, up to 16 blocks above.

You can walk onto them without bouncing only if they are lined up with the floor. The walking/running speed is slightly lower on rubber blocks compared to other block types.

Nothing can destroy a rubber block (shooter bullets, icicles, weapons, enemies... useless).


Fun fact: There are no hidden rubber blocks in the game.

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