Stage 1, named Warrior Pass according to the Genesis Kid Chameleon manual, is a theoretical section of the game Kid Chameleon. It comprises all the levels from the beginning of the game (Blue Lake Woods 1) to the first boss, Shishkaboss.

  • It comprises 23 rounds, including 4 Elsewhere levels.
  • The shortest route through it takes 17 rounds.
  • The longest route possible takes the whole 23 rounds.
  • It is the only stage with no Swamp or Desert levels.
  • It is the only stage with no Armadillos.
  • It is the only stage with no Clouds.
  • It is the only stage with no Archers.


These are all the rounds in Stage 1.

Regular levelsEdit

Secret (optional) levelsEdit

One secret detour, comprising:

Elsewhere levelsEdit


There is the possibility to take a bridge halfway through the stage that skips several rounds: from Isle of the Lion Lord to Elsewhere 8.

From a level in this stage, Under Skull Mountain 1 you can also take the 100,000 points trip to Stage 3.

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