Stage 2, named Dragon Fate according to the Genesis Kid Chameleon manual, is a theoretical section of the game Kid Chameleon. It comprises all the levels from The Whispering Woods 1 (right after the first boss in the game) to the second boss level, Boomerang Bosses.


These are all the rounds in Stage 2.

Regular levelsEdit

Secret (optional) levelsEdit

One shortcut between Devil's Marsh 1 and Hoverboard Beach, comprising:

plus Elsewhere 7, thus abbreviating a regularly 4-level long route into 3 levels.

A detour from Madmaze Mountain comprising:

Choosing the right teleporter in Stairway to Oblivion you can skip 3 regular levels.

Elsewhere levelsEdit


There is the possibility to take a bridge to the next stage, skipping several rounds: from Hoverboard Beach to Frosty Doom. Do so at your own peril.


  • It comprises 24 rounds, including 6 Elsewhere levels.
  • The shortest route through it takes only 12 rounds.
  • The longest route possible takes 21 rounds.
  • It is the only stage with no Ice or Hills levels.
    • It is the only stage with no Fire Demons.
    • It is the only stage with no Juggernaut helmets available to pick up.
    • It is the only stage where the 10000 blocks aren't present.

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