Block steel

Tough guy.

Steel blocks are one of the many kinds of blocks found in Kid Chameleon. It looks like a shiny riveted iron cube and it is absolutely indestructible.


Steel blocks are made to last, so there is little a player can do to interact with them. They're put in a level to close rooms and stay in the player's way — or, alternatively, as platforms to jump on which the player can't smash accidentally. They can't be knocked away; neither Iron Knight nor Red Stealth can break them.

The only character who can move a steel block is Berzerker. Charging at a steel will throw it forward at high speed, thus clearing the way. Once pushed, the steel will continue to fly horizontally and not stop until it collides with another block (of any kind), a wall in the terrain or the edge of the level, killing any enemy in the way. Throwing steel blocks at enemies, when possible, is the most expeditious technique to eliminate them, not only because it can destroy many of them in one shot (as long as they're in the block's trajectory), but also because they take only one hit this way, no matter their toughness. We call this technique (i.e., the guy writing this calls it) steelswiping. (And yeah, I think it's a cool name.)

Many steel blocks in a row can still be pushed, one at a time. When Berzerker charges at a steel wall by the left side, the preservation of momentum makes the first block from the right move.

Berzerker's ability allows for some unique shortcuts and tricks in some levels (see, for instance, how to skip The Whispering Woods 2, or how to reach the bridge in Isle of the Lion Lord by steelswiping).

On the other hand, drill blocks and Rubber blocks can't be pushed, so they constitute true obstacles.

Drill blocksEdit

If approaching a steel block causes one or more drilling spikes to appear on its sides, then it's a drill block and has different properties.

Fake Steel blocksEdit

In advanced levels, there are moving trap platforms disguised as steel blocks. They look like normal steels, but when the player walks on them, they either fly upwards or fall off the limits of level and through terrain, often squashing the player against the ceiling or making them plummet to death. These are called fake steels and are of the most dangerous hazards in some of the final levels, specially The Final Marathon.

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