Tar monster


Tar Monsters (aka Blobs or Water Elementals) are a species of enemy in Kid Chameleon.


Tar monster set
Tar monsters are static enemies in the form of a gelatinous head emerging from a puddle on the terrain. They come in blue and yellow varieties, the yellow one being always tougher. They take from two to six hits.


Tar monsters don't move. The puddle on the floor is indelible, but also innocuous. The monster's appearance always follows the same pattern: they pop up quickly, for less than a second, then sink, then raise again, stay for about two seconds, spit and sink. Then repeat in the opposite direction. They do not aim nor turn to see the player.


Monsters throw a spit of tar horizontally in the direction they're looking. The spit can't be neutralized nor avoided by ducking. The only ways to avoid the spit are to dodge it (pretty obvious, huh?) or to hide under its chin as Micromax.


In later levels, Tar monsters take too many hits to be killed in a single appearance, so stomping on them is not the best approach. A sword or some axes will work better, but beware that stronger Tar Monsters will attack sooner when attacked like this. A Berserker charge is also a satisfying way of taking them out. If you do jump on them, then only jump on them when they have fully formed. If you try jumping on them when they are partway through coming up from the ground, or partway slopping back down into the puddle, you'll be the one who takes damage.


Tar Monsters are encountered in the following levels:

Tar-Monster-1 Tar-Monster-3 Tar-Monster-2
Devil's Marsh 1 Never used in game! Elsewhere 10
Elsewhere 27 Ice God's Vengeance
Highwater Pass 1 The Shimmering Caves
Highwater Pass 2
Sinister Sewers
Skydragon Castle 2
Whale Grotto


Elsewhere 10 02


The Tar Monster is fixed to a position in the map and not necessarily on the ground. This is shown in the image to the right, where Iron Knight just removed the Shifting blocks under a Tar Monster.

If a Tar Monster takes damage at the same time that it attacks, the Tar Monster will open its mouth, but fire no projectile.