This is Blue Lake Woods, a level set in a bucolic forest scenery. Notice the background lake, bright blue sky, green trees, a peaceful bipedal iguana, etc.

Under-skull-mountain-1 Cave-theme

Compare with Under Skull Mountain, a cave-themed level: underground scenery, decorative skulls, dwellers with a real attitude problem...

Every level in Kid Chameleon is set in one of the ten different scenarios — this is what we call the level's theme. The theme decides:

  • What tileset and background the level should have
  • What color the diamonds and some blocks have
  • What music the level has (with exception of levels with a murder wall)
  • What splash screen displays when the level (re-)starts

Themes in KCEdit

Themes are a helpful feature in a level to help identify it (which is useful, since it's easy to lose one's way through the game and many rounds share the same name. The following list summarily describes them. Each theme as its own article.


A nice green forest to stroll around in your little red riding samurai hood. Tall trees, green grass, bridges, a nice lake in the background, complicated treehouses in advanced levels. Diamonds are green, coins are silvery. Very holistic.


Yellowish rocks, beautiful blue cascades, vine bridges. Put on your horned helmet and do some mining. Diamonds are blue, coins are golden.


Lava pits, spikes, ornamental skulls in the walls, and vast caverns in the glowing red background. Time to try your Jason mask on and axe your way to the surface. Red diamonds are featured.


Tropical scenery, the magnificent blue sea, sand, palm trees, totems... The occasional green-eyed kebab and lots of dark green diamonds. Reggae-like soundtrack.


Light green fields dotted with stone ruins, statues, petrified Dragons and Armadillos... Oriental-themed music and a karstic terrain in the background.


Urban scene with lots of skyscrapers in the background, brick buildings, fire staircases... In advanced levels, even neon signs, mailboxes, streetlamps. Beneath the sidewalks, an ambiguous indoors scene that can pass for an industrial warehouse or a sewer. Ride your skate and fly your ass across the 8 mile.


Ice all around. Yellow sky. Light blue blocks. Frozen enemies. Sharp mountains in the background. Brown diamonds. Same music as in the title screen.


Giant trees. In Devil's Marsh 2, the action takes place within the trees, in tunnels carved in the logs. Bloody Swamp features long bridges between the trees and cute sheds.


Egyptian theme. An unmistakable palette - orange sands and blue pyramid ruins. Bluish diamonds.


A surreal scenery: the terrain consists of blue-grayish rock and green grass. Check the floating islands in Wind Castles 1; spiky mushrooms grow all around. However, most levels take place in gigantic castles erected in the air, with brown bricks, green gems and gargoyles.

Theme GalleryEdit

Helmets and enemiesEdit

On some themes, certain enemies and helmets are seen more often than others. The most obvious example is that Cyclone and SkyCutter are prominent in Sky-themed levels, and that dragons often appear on Wood- and Hill-themed levels. This seems to be a design choice rather than any technical limitation, though. However, Elsewhere levels "break" this option of desing choice with enemies selection.

Color palettesEdit

The table below shows all available themes, first level, how many levels each theme has (with non-elsewheres in parentheses), and which color scheme they use.

Main themes
Theme First sighting Total Color palette
Woods Blue Lake Woods 1 13 (9) Woods Diamond Woods Prize Block Woods Rock Block Woods Metal Block
Mountain Highwater Pass 1 10 (9) Mountain Diamond Mountain Prize Block Mountain Rock Block Mountain Metal Block
Cave Under Skull Mountain 1 8 (4) Cave Diamond Cave Prize Block Cave Rock Block Cave Metal Block
Island Elsewhere 1 or Isle of the Lion Lord 13 (11) Island Diamond Island Prize Block Island Rock Block Island Metal Block
Hills Hills of the Warrior 1 9 (9) Hills Diamond Hills Prize Block Hills Rock Block Hills Metal Block
City Elsewhere 3 or Windy City 8 (5) City Diamond City Prize Block City Rock Block City Metal Block
Ice The Crystal Crags 1 12 (9) Ice Diamond Ice Prize Block Ice Rock Block Ice Metal Block
Swamp Elsewhere 5 or Devil's Marsh 1 7 (3) Swamp Diamond Swamp Prize Block Swamp Rock Block Swamp Metal Block
Desert Pyramids of Peril 9 (3) Desert Diamond Desert Prize Block Desert Rock Block Desert Metal Block
Sky Skydragon Castle 1 10 (6) Sky Diamond Sky Prize Block Sky Rock Block Sky Metal Block
Modified themes
Cave Stairway to Oblivion 2 (1) Cave(StO) Diamond Cave(StO) Prize Block Cave(StO) Rock Block Cave(StO) Metal Block
Cave Plethora 1 (1) Cave(P) Diamond Cave(P) Prize Block Cave(P) Rock Block Cave(P) Metal Block
City Alien Twilight 1 (1) City(AT) Diamond City(AT) Prize Block City(AT) Rock Block City(AT) Metal Block
Mountain Stormwalk Mountain 3 (2) Mountain(S) Diamond Mountain(S) Prize Block Mountain(S) Rock Block Mountain(S) Metal Block

Alternate palettesEdit

  • Stairway to Oblivion features a unique color palette modified from the Cave theme.
  • Plethora features a unique color palette modified from the Cave theme.
  • Elsewhere 23 features the same modified color palette as Stairway to Oblivion.
  • Alien Twilight features a unique color palette modified from the City theme.
    • Mountain theme level that features storm have an unique color palette.
    • Ice theme levels that features storm use the same color palette.

Splash Screen GalleryEdit